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The Archangeloi Essences invoke the higher level of mediators between the Human and the Divine known as the Archangels. Introducing a spray into our energetic field can activate our “seeds of light” so we may remember and then express our ongoing purpose for our soul and highest possibility for this life. In the broader sense they assist the collective; of a country or a group and aid those who are working to bring forth the higher potential of a community, land or nation.

How to Choose - The ArchAngeloi Essences relate to the following corresponding Equilibrium bottles, B94 to B101 and B104. The archangeloi you work with may be based on the Equilibrium bottle chosen, colour correspondences or the resonance or qualities in each you are drawn to.

How to Use - Allow the essence to settle into the field of a energetic space prior to Meditation, Prayer or Contemplation by using one short spray over the left & right shoulder as well as crown.

Assists in conscious and harmonious collaboration towards a unified goal. It is recommended that a single ArchAngeloi be used for an extended period to deepen the effect.

Archangeloi Air Conditioners

Invoke the angelic into any space with the Aura-soma Archangeloi sprays.

Less concentrated than the Archangeloi and appropriate for daily use, choose from four unique sprays to condition any space with the helpful energies angelic you desire.