booking an aura-soma consultation


Where are you located? 

In the west end of Toronto close to Sherway Gardens, (nearest intersection Brown's line and Horner Avenue), easily accessible by transit

What are the fees? How long is a consultation ?

First time consultation fee is $135.00 plus applicable tax, 1.5 hrs are allotted for a first visit. Subsequent visits are charged by the hour at $90.00, please note the followup time itself is 45 min in person and 15 minutes are included in that fee for your written record which is mailed to you 24 to 48 hrs after the consultation.

It is recommended that one take home a 50ml Equilibrium bottle to use after the consultation, Equilibrium bottles are $60.00     

Do you have a retail storefront? 

No sorry not at this time, however products can be purchased at the end of your consultation or from the I am colour website. 

What days and times can I book a consultation? 

Thursdays from 10:00am - 4:00pm by appointment.  Please Email for availability.