how can aura-soma help me?



Message in a bottle?

You are attracted to certain colours for a reason. The colours you choose from the Aura-soma colour system support what you need along your journey. You are the rarest of gems, in the history of humanity there has never been someone exactly like you. You are unique in your DNA, your personality, voice, personal preferences, fingerprints, the list goes on. 

Your colour story is also unique to you.

With the help of a trained Aura - Soma practitioner discover what the colours you choose represent in relation to your life story and journey. What are your gifts and talents? How can you use those unique gifts to better serve you and the greater good. By choosing 4 bottles from the 113 Aura-soma Equilibrium bottles, you'll begin your self discovery through colour. By taking the bottle home for personal use and applying it to the physical body you will experience the benefits of how colour really can change your life.

Supporting Products

Aura Soma's various product lines offer energetic support to your daily life. Aura Soma's Pomanders are like daily "aura hygeine" keeping your spark strong around people, places or things that can disrupt your own energy. Choose what colour your attracted to and spray it into your energetic field as a gentle support for up to 4 hours.  

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