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Drawing as Therapy Sketchbook

Drawing as Therapy Sketchbook

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Why is it that often get inhibited around drawing, especially once we become adults? In our carefree youth there may have been many happy representations we expressed on paper, then at a certain age – maybe seven, or thirteen – we may have come to the forlorn conclusion that we can’t draw. Our anxiety stems from the deeply natural – but ultimately misguided – idea that we can’t enjoy drawing privately, just for ourselves. We judge our achievements by some external, and actually irrelevant, standard. We glance longingly at art materials; we like the weight of a particular pencil; we are charmed by the heavier texture of the paper. But often we lack the courage to start again and let ourselves draw. There’s such a lot of anxiety around failure. The act of drawing – if you are like this – is in itself a therapeutic move. It is a demonstration that fears can be tamed and that inhibitions can yield to fun. One thing drawing helps us with is the fact that we generally don’t actually notice very much of what is around us in the world. It’s a huge, unendingly valuable lesson: there’s so much going on around us all the time that we don’t really see until we make ourselves look at it. We rely too much on words. It can be wonderfully meditative and soothing to forget the world and concentrate for a while on the process of marking the page: making a line, spreading a colour, seeing what happens, without worrying what the result will be. So what does your perfect landscape, daydream or purple bird look like?

Hardback sketchbook | A4 with multi coloured stitching | Plain sketch paper