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Seeds of Virtue Notecard & Seed Set - Flowers

  • 37.00

Being virtuous sounds old-fashioned nowadays. Yet goodness is, in fact, one of the most important qualities we can aspire to. We all need to develop positive yet challenging qualities like confidence, devotion, and hope in order to better connect to those we care about and accomplish the tasks we truly value. In order to cultivate these virtues, we need regular reminders of their dimensions and importance. These notecards are designed to give (the recipient) this kind of nudge. Each card displays a short contemplation on a different virtue, and is paired with a seed packet offering further botanical inspiration. As the flowers bloom, they serve as a daily prompt to revisit their corresponding virtuous quality, so that – ideally – we can grow alongside them.

Flowers Set includes:
  • Primrose for Confidence
  • Lavender for Devotion
  • Daisy for Hope
  • Poppy for Imagination
  • Aster for Love